Kim Kardashian and her new lover, Pete Davidson go on a movie date

Saturday Night Live debuted this weekend without an audience or most of the cast members, including Pete Davidson, who spent his time off with alleged love interest Kim Kardashian at a Staten Island movie theater.

At around 6 p.m., Davidson was spotted with Kardashian and her former brother-in-law Scott Disick at a movie theater in his hometown. This weekend’s box office was dominated by the new Spider-Man film, which premiered on Saturday night. It was unclear if they were on their way in or out.

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Pete was dressed casually in all black, with his hair dyed blonde and a rucksack that one Twitter user suspected may have included his own snacks. Kim was dressed in a light green jacket with his hair dyed blonde and a backpack that one Twitter user speculated may have had his own snacks.

After leaving the theater, the two were seen smiling and looking to enjoy each other’s company in a car.

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