Is Your PS5 Overheating? Here Are The Warning Signs–And How You Can Fix It

Overheating problems with the PS5 can affect anyone who owns Sony’s current-generation machine, especially now that the device has been out for more than a year. Overheating your console now would be a dangerous thing, especially considering it’s the holidays and you’d probably want to play as much as possible.

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According to Asurion, it is rather simple to determine if your PlayStation 5 is overheating. The following are the most obvious warning signs:

  • The message “Your PS5 is too hot” will appear on your console. This warning is sometimes accompanied by a rapid shutdown. If the console shuts down practically soon after seeing this warning, your issue is significantly more serious than usual.
  • The cooling fan on the PS5 is far too noisy, sounding like a miniature jet engine turbine.
  • Due to the heat stressing out the hardware, games are experiencing serious performance issues such as poor frame rates and sluggish loading times.
  • Graphical abnormalities such as white or black dots may show on your screen, or the screen may suddenly turn white, purple, black, or green while you’re playing.

If you observe these troubles continue for an extended period of time, your PS5 is most likely overheating. If that’s the case, it’s a good thing that some of the remedies are relatively straightforward.

PS5 Overheating Fix

According to ITechPost, an overheating PlayStation 5 console may be remedied with a short cleansing. This remedy is helpful because it clears out any dust or grime buildup on the console’s ventilation ports, allowing it to suck cold air in and push heated air out.

If you’re not sure where to start, TronicsFix on YouTube has a comprehensive video guide on cleaning a PS5 console:

How to Prevent Overheating on Your PlayStation 5

“Prevention is better than cure,” as the old medical adage goes, also applies to electronics—at times flawlessly. The same may be said for your current-generation Sony console.

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According to TheGamer, preventing your PS5 from overheating is as simple as placing it in the proper location. Take notice of and apply the following advice:

  • Allow it to breathe by keeping it at least 4 inches away from a wall.
  • NEVER set your console on a carpet or rug with long threads.
  • NEVER put your console in a confined space with little room to move.
  • NEVER, EVER cover your system with a cloth, EVEN IF YOU’RE USING IT. Do this just while it is not turned on.
  • To prevent dust accumulation, keep your console as far away from the floor as feasible. Because dust is heavier than air, it settles near the floor. By keeping it up, you prevent the dirt from getting into your console.

The PlayStation 5 is a work of gaming engineering genius. The very least you can do for it is maintain it operating nice and cool so that it can continue to serve you well for the rest of the gaming generation.

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