How to Spot Fake AirPods

With Apple AirPods proving to be very expensive for some purchasers, many “discounted” AirPods have being sold on Amazon and eBay. The problem is that not all of these products are genuine. Fortunately, there are certain ways to identify fake AirPods.

According to TechRadar, the popularity of Apple AirPods has resulted in lower discounts for counterfeit buds on Amazon and eBay.

Here are a few ways to detect if your AirPods are real or fake for those who already have them or plan to buy them.

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Checking the Serial Number of Apple AirPods

According to the article, the first technique to determine if the pods are genuine or not is to look at the serial number. The number can be found on the charging case’s lid as well as the bottom of the right earpiece.

The number can then be entered into to determine whether the Apple AirPods are genuine or not. Owners can also check the status of their Apple warranty on the site. Fake buds, on the other hand, will not have a status.

Connecting the Buds to an iOS Device

Another approach for owners to determine whether their AirPods are genuine is to link them to an iOS device. Although it appears that this is a straightforward feature that should be included even with ripoffs, connecting to false buds will not display an AirPods icon next to the Bluetooth settings.

Once connected to an iOS device, owners of genuine buds should be able to see their serial and model numbers. Owners may accomplish this by pairing their AidPods or AirPods Pro with an iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

Fake Buds Design Indicators

The final, but most difficult, method of determining whether the AirPods are genuine is to examine certain physical characteristics. Aside from the serial number, there may be a few design changes that indicate a counterfeit AirPods.

This could be in the form of typos, the box not fitting precisely, or the delivery not arriving wrapped in plastic to the buyer. This is difficult to discern, though, because scammers are getting increasingly capable of producing close-to-reality reproductions.

How to Avoid Buying Fake AirPods

To prevent purchasing counterfeit AirPods, purchase straight from an Apple Store or through the official Apple store on Amazon. There are also other reputable third-party dealers who provide reasonable prices on the AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro.

Another way to get original buds without spending a lot of money is to buy used buds. The condition of these pods, on the other hand, may vary and, in certain cases, may not even be worth the lowered price.

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