“Don’t fart around me, respect yourself” Tolanibaj warns her future partner

"My soulmate is a woman" Tolanibaj sparks reactions as she reveals her thoughts

Reality TV star, Tolanibaj has disclosed some of the things she doesn’t condone in a relationship.

Tolanibaj who sparked discussions by hinting at being a lesbian sent a message to her future partner along with a warning.

She expressed that regardless of how comfortable she may be with her partners, she firmly disapproves of them farting around her. She advised them to show respect for her preferences.

She wrote;

“No matter how comfortable we are as partners, please do not fart around me. Please. Let’s have some respect”.

“Don’t fart around me, respect yourself” Tolanibaj warns her future partner

One Big Khings wrote: “No be you talk say na woman you Dey do now? Shey ladies deh fart ni”

One Chiamaka wrote: “Yea not every time cuz it becomes annoying when it’s too much”

One Paul Olusemzy wrote: “If you Dey find respect you no go do relationship.”

One Beautiful Onyinye wrote: “Since i can’t fart to defend myself and fart always abandon me whenever i need it for a revenge,i totally agree with Tolanibaj; i have been shown shege with fart. They should stopit”.

One Samestimi wrote: “I thought I was the only one that hate this nonsense… What in God’s name would make you do that”

One Benjamin Oluwatosin wrote: “Am sure you are ready for marriage yet. What is love if your partner cannot be free around you. I use to do farting competition with my wife.”

One Eugo wrote: “An important message from the president of the Non-farters association of Nigeria”

One Jazzmn wrote: “yah I saw this advice late because when my babe farted on me, I revenged by farting in his hands when he carried me”

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