“The biggest group of kidnappers in the country are the Nigerian Police ” – Seun Kuti spills

“The biggest group of kidnappers in the country are the Nigerian Police ” – Seun Kuti spills

Singer, Seun Kuti has asserted that the Nigerian Police are consistently involved in any significant kidnapping operation.

In a surprising disclosure, Seun Kuti stated that he discovered the complicity of the Nigerian Police in kidnapping through a recently circulated video.

He recalled being arrested and confined to cell one, meant for serious criminals, instead of cell two, usually reserved for celebrities.

While in cell one, he discovered that the police play a key role in every kidnapping organization in Nigeria, often serving as the mastermind. He further disclosed that the police have abducted the majority of Nigerians.

He explained kidnapping as the act of being forcibly taken against one’s will and then requiring payment for release.

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One Swit Chail wrote: “No lies here! I lady tweeted how her father was kidnapped and Nigerian police told her to go and pay the ransom!”

One Dr Cos wrote: “As odd as it may sound, everything he said is true. Our institutions are extremely corrupt and anti-people.”

One Anoited wrote: “But how can you change that when almost all institutions are corrupt . Everything is corrupt. Go to the airport, go to banks , go to police , custom, immigration etc . They have to reset this country again before it can get better for real. Cause how e wan take start ? Tell me.”

One Festus Humle wrote: “Pure fact, na dem dey use uniform dey arrange operation for kidnappers”

One C in C wrote: “They always labeled smokers as bad people They are the ones fighting for the country while the cooperate one is looting everything to the ground”

One Beluko wrote:And today the police is recruiting so called ex bandits and boko haram graduates … Another set of new kidnappers into the country .. Make una stay safe oo”

One Terssi wrote: “Seun Kuti always spitting facts no capping I wish he can use these as lyrics and produce songs with them just like Baba Fela Abami Eda”

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