Desmond Elliott Is Willing To Work With Olumide Oworu

Desmond Elliott and Oworu's posters/Legit NG
Desmond Elliott and Oworu’s posters/Legit NG

Nigerian actor, filmmaker, and politician Desmond Elliott has expressed willingness to work with his opposition, Olumide Oworu of the Labour Party.

It should be noted that Oworu was Elliott’s main opponent in the 2023 elections, but he did not appear on the ballot due to legal issues within his party.

Both actors ran for the seat of the Representative of Surulere Constituency 1 of the Lagos State Assembly.


Elliott’s win meant he returned to the State Assembly for a third term. He has expressed his willingness to work with Oworu and other opposition candidates to make Surulere Constituency 1 great.

Elliott said:

“Please I am more than willing to work with you and share ideas on how to make our dear constituency a better place. I pledge to give my utmost best at giving succour and relief to my constituents to the best of my Legislative ability.”

A few days after emerging victorious at the polls, the award-winning thespian said:

“Thank you Surulere, I commend the worthy effort given by other candidates in other parties, Hon Thompson, Olumide Oworu, Bode Adedayo. I’m glad for the youthful zest you put into the campaign.”

Recall that during the campaigns, Elliott asked Nigerian youths to forgive him for referring to some of them as “children.”

“What I can say is, I think forgiveness is divine. I mean, no one knows it all. Something can be your truth and to another person, it might not be. I don’t think going back to bring out those sensitive moments would do anything. I think at the end of the day, I apologised for, and I’m still apologising to those who must have misconstrued what I said. I said I was taken by emotions but in the end, it still didn’t take away from the fact that the hatred is too much. The polity, the hatred is too much. We are all built on love. We can change things by love.’’