Radio Icon, Destiny Ezeyim breaks silence on why he loves dating older women

Destiny Ezeyim, also known as Brainiac, is an on-air personality and Nollywood actor. The Radiogad has revealed why he enjoys dating older women, glamsquad reports 


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Destiny Ezeyim, who recently stated that marriage is overrated, has stated that he would love to have someone with whom he can enjoy life without any form of commitment.


Destiny Ezeyim, a popular radio personality and Nollywood actor known as Brainiac The Radiogad, explains why he enjoys dating older women.

“Everyone knows I have always liked older women,” he says of what he expects from a woman who wants to marry or date him. I used to be embarrassed to say it, but now I can say it with pride. I enjoy dating mature women. Yes, women in their 60s and older. And if I ever consider marriage, I’ll end up with women in that age bracket, because older women are sweet and mature, they will never stress you out, they also give the best advice, and you won’t have to spend unnecessary money on them, rather they will spend big time on you, because I love to be appreciated as a man, I love it when a woman spends money on me, because I believe that men are gold and we deserve all the love and pampering too. I didn’t come here to suffer for any young slay queen.

Brainiac The Radiogad says marriage is overrated, which is why he doesn’t want to get married or have children. I simply want to be happy with an older woman who is still young at heart.


He stated that he would prefer to be with someone with whom he can enjoy life without any type of commitment; no marriage, no children.


“I just want to be with someone and enjoy life with them.” I don’t need to put a ring on it to show how much I adore her. Marriage is exaggerated. I also don’t want to have children because they are a burden rather than a blessing, which is why I prefer older women in their 60s who can’t have children.

The Radiogad’s Brainiac Is one of Nigeria’s most popular radio personalities, as well as a Nollywood actor, musician, HypeMan, and social media influencer and promoter… He can be found on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook as @radiogad.