Yemi Alade’s personal achievements and awards: Yemi Alade’s accomplishments as an artist

Yemi Alade, a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, has achieved tremendous success in her career, earning recognition both in Nigeria and internationally. Some of her notable accomplishments and awards include:

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade


MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA)

Yemi Alade has won several MAMA awards throughout her career, including “Best Female” in 2015 and 2016.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade


BET Awards

In 2015, Alade was nominated for the BET Awards in the category of “Best International Act: Africa.” Read also 


The Headies Awards

Yemi Alade won the prestigious “Best Female Vocal Performance” award at the 2015 edition of The Headies, one of Nigeria’s most respected music awards.


African Entertainment Awards USA

In 2015, Alade won the “Best Female Act” category at the African Entertainment Awards USA.


Nigerian Entertainment Awards

She has won multiple Nigerian Entertainment Awards, including “Female Artist of the Year” in 2015 and 2018.


All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA)

Yemi Alade has won several AFRIMA awards, including “Best Female West Africa” in 2016 and 2017.


Channel O Music Video Awards

Alade won the “Most Gifted Female” category at the 2014 Channel O Music Video Awards.


The Future Awards Africa

Yemi Alade won the “Musician of the Year” award at The Future Awards Africa in 2016.


Honorary Doctorate Degree

In 2021, Alade received an honorary doctorate degree from the Meteora Education and Technology Institute in Greece.


YouTube Views

Yemi Alade’s music videos have achieved impressive milestones on YouTube. Her hit single “Johnny” became one of the most-watched Nigerian music videos on the platform, surpassing 100 million views.

These accomplishments highlight Yemi Alade’s talent, popularity, and impact as an artist both within Nigeria and on the global stage.