When Is Georgina Ibeh Getting Married?

Georgina Ibeh/Instagram
Georgina Ibeh/Instagram

Actor Georgina Ibeh has said that she would be willing to get married once she meets a man that would embrace her acting career and support her craft.

The thespian made this revelation during an interview with NollyNow. Ibeh said she is a firm believer in marriage and narrated how her “mom and dad were married and the marriage lasted long before I lost my dad in 2020. I am a firm believer in marriage and having children.”

“As much as I wouldn’t want to have children out of wedlock, marriage is something I would embrace in the long run. Although I’m not in a relationship at the moment, I want to meet someone who understands that I love my acting career,’’ she noted.

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Continuing the Nollywood actor expressed her desire to “be a good role model to the younger ones who are looking up to me. Of course, I wouldn’t be here forever. I am creating a niche for myself. I am still single but I have a YouTube Channel called Georgina Ibeh Channel which is like a retirement plan for me when I get married because I wouldn’t be as busy as I am today, jumping from one movie set to another.”

“In the course of doing my work as an actress, some said I am intelligent, hard-working, and a good role model to many young ladies. Others said I appear to be outspoken and fearless when it comes to issues that affect other people. In my normal life, I am more of an introvert but people don’t believe me. I can be an introvert as well as an extrovert. But I am more of an introvert, I love my space, I love to be alone most of the time. I do not put my real life into my acting. I just play my role and come out of the character as soon as I am done.”

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