‘I regret bleaching my skin’ – Toke Makinwa spills

'I regret bleaching my skin' - Toke Makinwa spills

Nollywood actress and media personality Toke Makinwa has disclosed that she regrets bleaching her skin.

In her book “Becoming,” where she shared various aspects of her life, she admitted to bleaching her skin due to her ex-husband Maje’s infidelity with someone of lighter complexion.

To win his attention and prevent his infidelity, she chose to modify her skin to resemble the other woman. Regrettably, her actions didn’t yield the intended result, as they eventually divorced and went their separate ways.

During a Twitter question and answer session hosted by Toke with her fans and followers, she was prompted to identify the things she would change if she could revisit the past.

Responding, she said

Nothing. Regret is so exhausting!!!! Wait, maybe bleaching my skin, it was the dumbest thing ever and I’m just so thankful for good genes and money cos….”

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