Actor Junior Pope Odonwodo narrates how he and his colleague were attacked by armed robbers on their way from a movie location



Junior Pope Odonwodo, an actor, has revealed that armed robbers attacked him and his colleagues in Delta State, glamsquad reports 


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The actor stated that he and his colleagues were on their way home from work last night, Jan. 29, when they were robbed at gunpoint near Ubulu Okiti in Delta State.



He was driving with actress Georgina Ibeh and another coworker when he noticed a roadblock made of tree stumps.


He stated that he began to slow down, but when he noticed a group of men emerging from the bushes, he reversed, stepped on the accelerator, and rammed into another colleague’s car that was approaching from behind.



Emma Umeh, his colleague, was driving behind him.



By this time, the robbers had opened his door and pointed guns at him and the other occupants, according to Junior Pope.




They were then instructed to get out of their vehicles and lie flat in the middle of the road.




Junior claimed that the robber took everything they owned, including phones, footwear, production shoes in his car, and his bag, which contained his passport, PVC, ID card, and numerous other personal belongings.



Junior Pope said that while they were lying in the middle of the road during the robbery, cars sped by and people recognized him, but no one could stop. He claimed that the robbers recognized him as well.



“Cars were passing o, people were passing, I’m not joking, while we were on the ground, and they were like, ‘na Junior Pope,'” he recalled.




Junior Pope explained that they had to leave Georgina Ibeh behind and drove away before encountering some customs officers to whom they reported.




The customs officers then informed them that another group of victims had arrived to report being robbed and stabbed.



Fortunately for Georgina, a location bus approaching from behind spotted her and rescued her around 11 p.m., where she later met up with Junior Pope and Emma at the customs checkpoint.



According to Junior Pope Georgina later told them that the robbers attempted to rape her, but she refused because she was on her period, so they slapped her and told her to leave. The location bus noticed her walking along the expressway at this point and picked her up.

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