Trendy Balaclava Mask For Cool Kids

As you know, every day a different trend comes to play which usually are created by fashion brands. However, they go viral only when worn by celebrities or influencers which in most cases are seen on TikTok or Instagram giving their fans something to try and imitate.

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Balaclavas thus transitioned from a fascinating anomaly to a burgeoning fashion trend. Inept daredevils would zoom by on motorbikes and four-wheelers while pulling stunts while donning balaclavas as I walked my French bulldog through my old neighborhood of Bed-Stuy.

Balaclavas were soon used as multipurpose facemasks during the first wave of the Omicron-variant in December 2021. They also appeared to appear out of nowhere penetrate rap culture at this time. Drill rappers like Tion Wayne and SL frequently appeared in ski masks in both music videos and live performances. Following a hard-edged collaboration with rapper Lil Baby in which she spoke about the popular accessory, Nicki Minaj even started selling some for $40.

These days, the balaclava is just as likely to be seen in a hip bar in midtown Manhattan or a Paris Fashion Week show, for example, as it is in deep Bushwick. They have been seen walking down the runways of an ever-expanding array of shows, including Marni, Loewe, Y-Project, Kenzo, Simone Rocha, and others, in both menswear and womenswear.

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A variety of leather and latex balaclavas were coupled with professional suits and overcoats in the most recent Louis Vuitton menswear collection, which was designed in collaboration with Colm Dillan of KidSuper. By producing masks that even conceal the nose and mouth, leaving only the eyes visible, British designer Marine Serre raised the stakes and made something better suited for, say, Rihanna’s iconic “S&M” visual.

See some Balaclava spotted on Instagram;

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