It’s Over between Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid : What Went Wrong?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Are ‘No Longer’ Seeing Each Other, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio recently pulled the plug on their romance after several months of seeing each other

“Gigi and Leo are no longer dating,” an insider exclusively tells Us Weekly of the supermodel, 27, and the Oscar winner, 48. “Things just organically tapered off between them.”

There wasn’t a dramatic reason for the split. “Leo and Gigi were at different points in their life, and it just didn’t work out between the two of them,” the insider explains.

The twosome’s romance was “never that serious,” in part because of their packed schedules. “They both have incredibly busy careers and lives, and although they tried to make time for each other, it really wasn’t enough to make things work,” the insider explains. “Gigi has no hard feelings toward Leo and she thinks he’s an incredible guy. Their timing just couldn’t align, and they’ve decided to go their separate ways.”

Earlier this month, Hadid opened up about how having Khai had changed her outlook on her career and her future. “I got pregnant [during the coronavirus pandemic] and I really started to think about what I wanted after, when the world opened back up,” she told Elle in an interview published on Wednesday, February 15. “It kept coming back to just a more stabilized schedule where I’m not in a different country every week.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum added that working on her Guest in Residence brand while raising Khai had been a “stabilizing” process for her. “I have an office that I come to. I know everyone here,” she explained. “I don’t have to look a certain way to show up. It’s a different experience for me, and it was the right time because I was ready for that.”

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