Toke Makinwa takes break from social media

Toke Makinwa takes break from social media

On-air personality and actress Toke Makinwa, has taken an indefinite break from social media.

Taking to her Instagram page, the fashionista informed her fans of her decision to take a break due to personal reasons.

Her lengthy post failed to provide insight into the specific events that prompted her to take a break from social media.

However, Toke disclosed that she is in a period of mourning, having experienced multiple losses in recent months. Although she did not divulge details about the individuals she lost, she provided a timeline of the incidents.

She wrote,

“Warning Post is full of realness so thread carefully.. It’s like the timing sometimes is stuck in traffic. Life is happening to us all, I know I’ve been away for a minute, thank you to everyone who’s reached out, I love you deep.

This year has been mentally draining for me, while this post is not looking for your sympathy cos instagram is not real and we are all going through it plus vou all know I’ve got this but sometimes even superman needs a day off and quite frankly I am tired of being strong.

Been too strong for too long in the words of MJB.

Got off the plane in January to news that a project I was so excited about was cancelled, talk about a blow, February I dealt with loss, as I grow older, I understand death more. March I’m dealing with more loss and one thing about grief, it comes in waves but through it all, I’m thankful that I can say God is Good.

My year officially starts in April, can’t wait to share all that I’ve been silently working on with you, I hope you all find the time to rest too. it’s ok to take the time off from everyone.

S/O to those who heard my silence and showed up, thank you to the people who took some weight off, you know yourselves.

See you all in April, shit it’s in a couple of days. Damnnnn May??? I kid April it is. Happy Good Friday, ok bye”

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