Princess Michael Of Kent Offers Up Apology For Racist Brooch

On the 20th of December, Princess of Michael of Kent became the target of  public outrage both online and offline when the Royal, attended Queen Elizabeth II lunch wearing a blackamoor brooch. Many took to social media particularly twitter to condemn what many viewed as a racist move. Onlookers argued that it was a deliberate act of racism targeted at Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiancee who is mixed race. Princess Michael according to the narrative was very likely to run into Meghan Markle at the Royal event which the former attended in the company of Prince Harry. Blackamoor art is viewed as a derogatory and racist art form as it constantly depicts exotic African styled figures in subservient roles. While a spokesperson for Princess Michael apologised for the offense it caused, arguing that the brooch was a gift which has been worn by the princess many times in the past, the Princesss still has a few things working against her.

Some have argued that being a lecturer of history, she likely understands the significance of the art form and as such was being deliberately racist. Whats more, an alleged incidence circa 2004 where the princess was said to be caught yelling at African American at a restaurant in New York to go back to the colonies because she deemed them to be acting in a rowdy way is working against her claims of innocence.

Afoma Aligbe

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