Popular Ghanaian ‘runs girl’ make shocking revelation in new interview

Gifty Osei, also known as Ohemaa Baddest, a well-known run (hookup) girl in Ghana in a recent interview has admitted to sleeping with over a thousand men.

Additionally, the 22-year-old sex worker admitted that she lost her virginity when she was just 10 years old.

In an interview that was aired on SVTV Africa, she made these comments while discussing her work as a stripper and sex worker.

Ohemaa continued by saying that she has grown addicted to her job despite the danger it entails.

She said, “I can’t count.” There are a lot… about 1000 men. I’ve been with a lady too. My best friend introduced me to it. I didn’t know she was a lesbian. We were together for four years. She is the only girl I’ve been with.

A group of eight guys raped me, took away my belongings, and threw me out. A taxi driver also did the same. It is a risky business, but I haven’t decided when to stop because I’m addicted to it.

Ohemaa also discussed her smoking habit, which began during her senior year of high school. She added;

I began with cannabis toffee. Every time I took it, it stimulated my sexual desire. very pleasant. “

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