PICS: 2nd Most Stylish Bird In The World, Only Found In Africa

Birds have been the inspiration to a lot of things, from music to paintings, to logos and much more.

Birds like eagles have signified strength whilst others like vultures have represented death and so on.

There is no denying when it comes to both beauty and style any one would be crazy to state there is a living bird in this world that surpasses the peacock bird.

So now we can put their crown out the way, here is the 2nd most stylish bird in the world.

See Africa’s Sagittarius Bird

Sagittarius Bird

Meet the “The Sagittarius” or “The Secretary Bird”, a bird that can be only be found in Africa. And yes, those are real eyelashes and not bought from Juliet Ibrahim!

These birds can grow up to 4 ft tall, technically upto your chest level! But don’t be fool, they are not all sweet and pretty, they kill prey by stomping the life out of it with their powerful legs!

THEY SPECIALIZE IN KILLING SNAKES and they are the more attractive end of the vulture family, but basically acts as a tall eagle.

What About The Flamingo

Some might raise the fact that there is the flamingos with their long skinny legs to rival the style of this bird, but the flamingo only reflects a very stylish persona when placed in the right setting.

Unfortunately, this bird is missing from a lot of publications about beautiful birds so we decided to shed light on the stylish creature….only from Africa. Enjoy the images below.

Sagittarius Bird

Sagittarius Bird

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