Toke Makinwa opens up on why she doesn’t want kids outside wedlock

Toke Makinwa, a popular Nigerian media personality and entrepreneur, has revealed why she doesn’t want to have children outside wedlock.

The 36-year-old media personality made this known while fielding some questions from her followers via her Instagram story.

When asked if she welcomes the idea of having kids without getting married, Toke revealed that she doesn’t want to have children outside marriage because she would want them to have a life she never had while growing up.

She also revealed that she lost her parents at a very tender age adding that she wouldn’t want her own kids to go through the same thing she went through.

She, however, didn’t say that she was against the idea for other women or those who had children outside wedlock but noted that she is still hopeful of finding love again.

“I definitely want to get married again. Losing both my parents at 8 hurt so much.

“I’ll like my kids to have the life I never had while growing up. Hopefully the universe sends me a good man,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Toke Makinwa says she plans to be a billionaire before her 40th birthday.

Toke stated this on Twitter on Monday.

“Before 40, I must hit the billionaire status, my products must do so well, the world will know my name. I feel it, I can taste it, time and chance is all and it will happen. TM to the world Earth,” she wrote.

Toke in an earlier tweet expressed fear as well as excitement at her pathway to becoming a billionaire.

“Where my brand is taking me is so frightening and exciting at the same time, diversifying in to more products and I am super excited but nervous, this better work cos I don’t have a plan B,” she wrote.

The media personality has grown her wealth over the years by signing lucrative endorsement deals and expanding her fashion line to accommodate bags, scarfs, perfumes among others.