Phyna Laments About Fame, Wishes To Return To Life Before Stardom

Phyna/The Nation
Phyna/The Nation

Nigerian reality TV star Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has lamented about the stress that comes with being famous. The Big Brother Naija Season 7 winner also lamented about an alleged threat to her life.

Phyna, who is also known as the “Hype Priestess, shared a message she received on Instagram from an account with zero followers. The user expressed deep hatred for her and noted that he or she would love to see her “slump and die.’’

Reacting to the message, the Big Brother Naija star advised haters to stop “doing too much” so they would also have the opportunity to succeed in life.


The hate message said:

“I just wish you slump and die. You’re doing more than yourself, Madam Manage me beggar of love. I just wish everything you have now goes down the drain. I just hate hearing or seeing anything about you. Useless weena. Restless weena.”

Phyna apologized to haters offended by her success and wished she could return to her life before stardom.

She said:

“At this point, I want my old life back. At this point everybody who doesn’t like me wins, and I’m sorry you don’t like me.’’

Phyna also vowed to stop doing “too much” so that her haters can “shine.”

“I hereby say I will no longer do too much and I will take a break to allow you and those you like to shine, just stop the death threats already but using fake accounts?” (Sic)

Phyna is one of the biggest reality TV stars in Nigeria at the moment.