Netizens react as Yul Edochie deletes all Instagram photos of his second wife, Judy Austin and their son

Actor, Yul Edochie removes all Instagram pictures of his son and second wife, Judy Austin

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has sparked outrage after he deleted from his Instagram page all the pictures or his second wife, Judy Austin and their son.

Without leaving any traces behind, Yul also deleted all video pointing back at Judy Austin including a post from April 2022 where he introduced his second wife and son to his social media fans and followers.

It is worth noting that the actor still has photos of his first wife May Yul Edochie on his page.

Yul Edochie deletes all Judy Austin photos on IG

Glamsquad notes that Yul Edochie’s action comes weeks after his first son with his first wife May passed away. Read here

Netizens react

Yul’s action has caused outrage among social media users as many slammed him for the death of his son and others asked if he has a clear eyes now…

One Stella wrote: “You had to wait for this tragedy to occur before you came back to your senses?? Na wa better late then never. People that are planning to tow in this line should learnnoooo”

One Chymoss wrote: “If you wanna have peace of mind , have one Wife. So if you get problem you will know where to start from”

One Sandy Coco wrote: “Yul just used his hand to ruin his perfect family . Polygamy is not an option at all”

One Classic Ulo wrote: “Judu: his Excellency. Yul: Ijele odogwu… and the kids were seeing all the nonsense, if they don’t see it their classmates will show it to them. The nonsense lifestyle affected his children nothing anybody want tell me. May begged him to stop cos of the kids but he continued to extent of telling May to zukwanuike in Sara Martins post!!”

One Abbie wrote: “Hmmmm…it’s so sad he has to loose his son before he could realize the damage he has done to his family. May God heal them and bring peace to their home”

One Jumai Emeka Osai wrote: “This is what they call MEDICINE AFTER DEATH !!!”

One Milley AY wrote: “This man hasn’t known peace since he used his own hands to destroy his family. Peace of mind has eluded him. Others cheat and hide, e reach e turn, he dey use am gaslight his wife and call himself Odogwu on top adultery.”

One Ada wrote: “Anyway, I hope is for real this time around because he once acted like this fee Months back not knowing he planned it with Judy that both of them should stay away from media so that people will think they’re no longer together. @yuledochie always thinks he’s smart. I have always say it on your page and I will still repeat it again, Let Judy go, take care of the kids she had for you, you’re way too younger for Polygamy. God blessed you , you Married early, your Children Almost of your height, instead of you to just relax, take care of your family, you still had to add extra load, When you’re supposed to be enjoying life with your family, (just like Obi Cubana and his family, AY and his family, NinoB and his family, the counting goes on), moving around the world with them and Teaching your Children what it means for a family to be united, No, you didn’t do that, instead you relocated to Enugu to be with Judy and go home to your Children few days to resumption. You failed as a father, but we serve a merciful God who i think has given you a second chance to do the right thing”.

One Omoyeme wrote: “All is clout,he will still go to Judy house when he gets to Enugu.dont mind him”

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Do you think Netizens are right in assuming Yul caused the death of his son?


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