“Stop burning shrines and deities” Pastor Yul Edochie advises Nigerians

"Stop burning shrines and deities" Pastor Yul Edochie advises Nigerians

In the spirit of Easter, Nollywood actor and clergyman, Yul Edochie has advised Nigerians to stop burning shrines and deities.

In a post on his Instagram page, Yul noted how not all deities are evil. He asserted that it was the Whites who persuaded us to believe that our traditions were evil, encouraging us to abandon our ways and adopt theirs, which ultimately facilitated the acceptance of slavery.

Yul urged Nigerians to awaken and embrace their traditions, pointing out that many deities even recognize God.

He emphasized that disregarding these traditions could lead to ongoing problems, advising those who don’t understand to leave them be as long as it doesn’t disrupt them.

He wrote

“Stop burning shrines and deities. Not all deities are evil. Oyibo convinced us that all our ways are evil so we could discard our ways & embrace theirs, making slavery easy.
We need to wake up & start embracing our traditions.
Many deities acknowledge God Almighty.
Bringing them could bring you perpetual trouble.
If you don’t understand something, leave it.
If it’s not disturbing you, don’t disturb it”.

See how Netizens reacted to Yul’s post below

One Director_h20 wrote: “E be like say as church no work baba 117 one run Babalawo matter”

One Okonkwo Passionate wrote: “But you are a slave under the armpit of Judy nah”

One Real Ibrahim wrote: “Kindly use your office as amanof God gg to make us understand how deities worship God, with that you have cleared our misconception”

One Judy Obasiyuju wrote: “Next week career is becoming a Babalawo. After being a pastor failed terribly now is to support shrines. Stop beating around the bushes, just say you want to become a native doctor”

One Ihunanyachi wrote: “Stop mocking The almighty God Yul, u are so confused with ur life that u don’t even know or understand what u believe in again, who serves two masters? It is either you are for christ or against him, stay one place make thunder fit locate u. U are long gone, Judy has finished u totally, this is what u get when u don’t discipline yourself, u left a wife u married when u were young, a wife that had all her kid s with u, an intelligent woman for an over used woman, a woman with kids from different men, a woman with no class, look at her family no one has ever progressed that is the woman u settled with and u think u are in love or normal? I pray God help u cuz Judy is your downfall she haven’t even started yet”

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