Netizens react after Tacha asks for a clap for being a celebrity

Netizens react after Tacha asks for a clap for being a celebrity

Reality TV star, Natacha Akide, better known as Tacha has got Netizens talking after she asked for a clap for being a celebrity.

Tacha, who was disqualified during season 4 of Big Brother Naija following a physical confrontation with one of the housemates disclosed that being a celebrity costs a whole lot of money and they (celebrities) deserve a clap for doing it so well.

Taking to her Instagram story, she said:

“So you have not heard that being a celebrity is high maintenance. I am sorry but yes it is, it’s a whole lot of money.

Tacha further noted that she laughs at celebrities who always try to impress people.

“This confusion just reminded me of when I was at the airport and the immigration officer asked me “how long did you spend in Dubai?” And I said I spent a month and a couple of more days. She is like “What do you do?” I said influencer. The woman still dey confuse o! She’s like “you were in Dubai for a month and you are in the UK. How much are you with in the UK?

“Like she dey confuse like how? How is it possible that you are going to be in another man’s country for that long? It’s crazy, it is crazy. So when you see the celebrities you’ll clap for them. It is a lot.

“That is why when I see the ones who try to impress all of you I laugh because I am going to impress myself first, because the rest of you can take care of yourselves”.

Netizens react to Tacha’s call for a clap

Netizens reacted with mixed feelings to Tacha’s call for a clap. While some opine that Tacha is a clout chaser, others agreed with her.

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