Mozilla Founder Criticize Firm’s Move to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations

On his Twitter account, Mozilla co-founder Jamie Zawinski expressed his displeasure with the web browser company’s decision to accept cryptocurrency donations.


Donations to Mozilla and Crypto

According to a Futurism news piece, Mozilla, the business behind the Firefox web browser, has lately entered the crypto craze by taking donations in the form of digital tokens.

To be more specific, on the last day of 2021, Mozilla stated on its official Twitter account that it is now taking cryptocurrency donations.

The web browser company even lists some of the hottest cryptos out now, including the largest in market value, Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum and Dogecoin, a meme altcoin.

Mozilla also stated that it is taking cryptocurrency donations through BitPay, a bitcoin payment service provider.

However, the recent announcement from Mozilla’s Twitter account does not impress the company’s founders.

Mozilla’s Founder Criticizes Crypto Acceptance Move

Jamie Zawinski, a co-founder of the web browser, is one of them. He even coined the phrase “Mozilla,” which the company still uses today.

According to the same source, Zawinski used to be a computer programmer but has since transitioned into operating a nightclub.

Meanwhile, according to a Business Insider report, the Mozilla co-founder was one of the persons behind the creation of the Mozilla Project, which was released in 2002.

He now has a lot to say about the newest move by the corporation he co-founded decades ago.

Zawinski wrote to Mozilla’s Twitter account that he is “here to say fuck you and fuck this.”

Furthermore, the Mozilla founder stated that “everyone working in the project should be witheringly ashamed” of the web browser developer’s recent decision to accept cryptocurrency donations.

What’s more, the co-founder even called cryptocurrencies “planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters.”


Meanwhile, Peter Linss, the creator of the engine that powers the Mozilla browser, concurred with the Mozilla co-tweet, founder’s stating, “you were meant to be better than this.”

Jaime Zawinski, the founder of Mozilla

Zawinski was a co-founder of the Mozilla Project and the original creator of the Netscape web services platform.

However, he resigned from Netscape in 1999 owing to disagreements with the corporation, which also happened to be his last day at

The co-founder stated in a statement following his resignation, “The Mozilla project has gotten too dismal, and too painful, for me to continue working on.”

Zawinski went on to explain that he “wanted Mozilla to become something it hasn’t yet, and I’m tired of fighting and waiting for it to happen.”

Mozilla has evolved into a privacy-focused browser, with a limited market share dominated by Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

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