LookBook: Rodarte Spring Summer 2022 Ready To Wear Collection

LookBook: Rodarte Spring Summer 2022 Ready To Wear Collection

The Rodarte Spring Summer 2022 ready-to-wear collection showcases creativity in different designs.

The collection which was presented at the New York fashion week made use of different designs and styles. The collection which was designed by sisters Kate and Laura Mallivi is said to be dedicated to freedom. This means freedom of movement in both literal and metaphorical manner.

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For its Spring Summer collection, the fashion brand made use of fabrics that gives life to the spring collection. Patterned fabrics including both floral and leave designs are showcased during the fashion brand’s runway show.

Fabrics like silk and lace are also mixed and incorporated into a creative combination. Fringes are styled as a dress in different designs.

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The collection also consists of dresses made from different fabrics. One of the outfits that captured our attention is a silk patterned fabric incorporated into a cape dress.

Photo credit: Fashionist Styles

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