The Fashioned Museum Debuts ‘Bridging the Gap’ – A Catalyst for Fashion’s Promising Future

The Fashioned Museum a forward-thinking, fashion-oriented organization committed to making fashion accessible, inclusive, and sustainable, is thrilled to announce the maiden edition of her “Bridging the Gap” event is a vibrant celebration of Africa’s rich fashion heritage and a catalyst for fashion’s promising future.

Speaking on the forthcoming event, Tejumola Maurice-Diya – Principal and Founder of The Fashioned Museum says the ‘Bridging the Gap’ event is an integral part of The Fashioned Museum’s mission to activate a broader and timely conversation around contemporary fashion in an ever-changing world. The immediate aim she says is to celebrate the ever-evolving world of fashion by bridging the gap between the younger generation and the older generation as well as between the Western World and the African continent. “African culture is finally taking its rightful position on the global stage with the explosion of broader music and culinary acceptance across the globe and I have little doubt that fashion is the next frontier for us to showcase. We are here for this,” says Tejumola.

Billed to be held on November 9, the ‘Bridging the Gap” event is a call to action to connect, learn, and envision a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable fashion world. The immersive experience will unite fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and aspiring fashionistas to bridge the gap between the rich history of African fashion and its promising future.

The one-day event is a celebration of style, culture, and innovation, designed to bring together students, fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and inquisitive minds alike. It will feature appearances by renowned fashion experts, designers, and thought leaders who will provide unique insights into the future of the fashion industry.

Tejumola noted that the event is an opportunity to gain a behind-the-scenes perspective from some of the industry’s visionaries, as there would also be panel discussions and interactive workshops. “It is an opportunity for fashion and other business owners who are looking to learn the ropes on how to run a successful fashion business, fashion enthusiasts who are passionate about learning more about the industry, and people wanting to deepen their understanding about the financial sustainability in the industry.

“It is one thing to be creative and go into the fashion industry, but there’s also the business element of it which drives the economic sustainability of our world here in Africa first before we talk about other aspects of sustainability. You are not running a not-for-profit organization, so you need to know the intricacies of running a successful business, how to position your brand, and how to attract international clients – now more than ever. There will be seasoned speakers on these issues. So it will be a very well-rounded event that will help people look at the holistic dynamics of running a successful fashion business.”

There is also a special feature for those seeking to go into the bridal industry – “Brides are different from your regular clients, sometimes it can be emotional, so you have to know how to handle your clients, and how to provide exceptional customer service, and how to style in general based on personality.” says Tejumola

The inspiration for the “Bridging the Gap event she says, comes from an unwavering belief in the beauty and creativity that define African fashion to bridge the gap between the younger generation and the older generation. It is a heartfelt contribution to the countless designers, artisans, and visionaries who have contributed day and night to our rich tapestry. It symbolizes a bridge of unity, celebrating the deep-rooted heritage of African fashion while charting a course toward an even more inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant future.

The event which takes place at Alliance Francaise Auditorium, Ikoyi on Thursday, November, at 9 a.m. (WAT) is free, however, attendance is by registration.

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