‘I turned down some movie roles because of my child’ – Bisola Aiyeola

Nollywood actress, Bisola Aiyeola has revealed how motherhood influences the roles she chooses to accept.

In an interview with Nollywire, Bisola who also doubles as a reality TV star stated that her growth in the entertainment industry so far has not been without the challenges of being a single mother in Nigeria.

She said,

“I have a growing child and sometimes some of the roles you take can affect her positively or negatively. Especially because she is growing…You have other children around her who have different thoughts on what their parents do and so I have to be careful with some stories because I have to think that, in the long run, would it be a good look for my child?'”

Bisola also described her journey thus far as one fueled by passion. She said,

 “A lot of people who probably discovered me would think I just got into the industry but it has been so many years of hard work and passion for the craft…I think I will always stay hungry for more and that’s what keeps pushing me.”

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