I Am Not An Abuser- Soma BBNaija

Soma/Bella Naija
Soma/Bella Naija

Reality TV star Soma Anyama has apologized for his behaviour in the Big Brother Naija All-Stars house that saw him hit with a strike before his eviction weeks later.

Recall that Soma got into an argument with fellow housemate and girlfriend Angel. When she refused replying him, he followed her and blocked her from leaving his presence, forcing her to reply.

Soma would earn a strike for this before going on to apologise to his girlfriend.

However, Soma’s action has seen him perceived differently by fans who have wondered if he abuses women physically.

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In a show of remorse for his action, Soma during his post-eviction interview with Arise TV said:

I got a strike in the house before I go further, I’d like to apologise for the outlook. I would never hurt Angel or any lady, I am a perfect gentleman. But sometimes when our emotions and frustrations get high, plus being in the house makes you crazy and out of character, and some stuff you won’t do on a normal day in the real world.’’

Continuing, the Big Brother All-Star said: “I am not an abuser, I have never hurt a lady, I love women and I stand up for women. If you notice, half of the time in the house I was always shouting ‘girl power’. So yeah, I’m all for women and that’s something that I’d love for people to understand.’’

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