How To Know If Your Sneakers Is Original

The fact that you get a new sneakers and after a week the shoe gets bad can be really depressing.

This incident could be avoided if only you could know the right shoe to buy.

However, getting an original shoe can be very tasking but quite easy, here are ways to know if your shoe is original;

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1. It has no SKU number

Every sneaker has an SKU number on a label inside the shoe. Check it once you buy new sneakers. If it doesn’t have, then it is fake.

2. Alternation of names

In most cases, the names on the schools are always wrong E.g Nike becomes Niki, while Puma becomes Puna.

3. The Sole of the shoe is light

You notice that the sole of the shoe is soft. In most cases, the sole of an original shoe is always hard yet feels comfortable on the feet.

4. It smells different

The shoe smells different, more like chemical(the fake ones) that can be harsh when inhaling.