How Celestial Church healed Funke Akindele from ‘ailment’

New information has come to light regarding how actress and mother of twin boys Funke Akindele was restored to health in a Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) parish years after fainting in boarding school.

Funke Akindele

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Kunle Hamilton, a former editor with ThisDay publications, described the incident.

This comes two days after Funke Akindele visited the CCC Wonderland Cathedral and CCC SBJ Cathedral in Alimosho, Lagos, for her 45th birthday celebration and to ask the church for support in her bid to become the state’s deputy governor in 2023.

“I was born and raised in Celestial,” the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) deputy governorship candidate said while speaking in one of the parishes. “My situation was like that of a lost sheep that God calls back home.”

Hamilton, an elder in the CCC, responded to the criticism that followed Funke’s return to the church by stating that he has known the Akindeles for almost 30 years and feels compelled to commend Funke for coming out bravely to identify as a Celestian.

“Funke Akindele has been a Celestian for over 36 years. Her youngest sibling, Mariah Abimbola Akindele aka ‘Mama’ was born and christened in the CCC, and she remains extremely passionate about her faith.

“The Akindeles joined the CCC at Agiliti Parish 1 under Prophet Adekoya and spent a lot of time in church.

“At different times, they all attended CCC Ibukunolu Parish, Ketu-Alapere under Shepherd Oyelakin, CCC Ojodu Parish on Aina Street and CCC Olusosun Parish, Ojota as their family home addresses changed.”

On the fainting incident, the founding editor of ThisDay’s Glitterati said, “There was a time Funke was seriously ill in boarding school. She fainted and was rushed to Olusosun Parish where she was miraculously healed by God.”

Although the actress had publicly identified with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) in recent years, Hamilton continued: “Funke’s late dad and her mom who is very much alive and who rose to the rank of SSES, were Celestians for many years. Her father later joined the Methodist Church but gave his blessings for the rest of his family to worship in CCC.”