“He will never stoop that low” AY recalls receiving phone call from Basketmouth amid their beef

 AY recalls receiving call from Basketmouth amid their beef

Comedian, Ayo ‘AY’ Makun, recalled an incident with his colleague, Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth, where it appeared they were on the brink of resolving their issues and building a stronger bond, but the latter ended up changing his attitude towards him.

Glamsquad recalls that during an interview with Nedu on his podcast “Honest Bunch” Basketmouth said he has never picked up a phone to call AY because they are not friends.

Contrary to Basketmouth’s interview, AY told media personality, Chude Jidonwo that he recalled receiving a call from Basketmouth.

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AY explained that he had bought a car for his wife at the time and posted it online and days later, Basketmouth made a post to speak against showing off online.

When people assumed Basketmouth was throwing shade at AY, he said Basketmouth called him to let him know he was not referring to him in his post and this made him happy that his senior colleague would call him.

Recounting the call, AY said:

“Something happened that never happened in the history of my knowing Bright Okpocha. Bright Okpocha would not bring himself on the level to apologise to you on anything.

“So, there was a post he made, about people showing off cars, people who just go online and show off stuff when they buy stuff and everything.

“Incidentally, I posted a ride I got my wife two days to that tweet, so people went on his page and were like, ‘Oh, this must be referring to AY’ and for the first time, Bright Okpocha, he carried his phone and called me. If you see how happy I was. Like he called me practically like, ‘guy, see wetin I dey hear o, people are relating what I posted to you, it has nothing to do with you.”

“I was very appreciative of the fact that the Master called, which is very rare, he will never stoop that low.

‘So, that the Master called, I was happy. My belief was that, that is now going to form the balance that I’ve been craving for us to have. “

However, upon AY’s return to Nigeria, he attempted to sustain the connection with Basketmouth, but he was ignored.

He said:

“So, when I came back to Nigeria, he was having a show, I called him, ‘ah this your show that you’re having, incidentally, it’s the same day I’m doing Port Harcourt but we could do like a skit idea and all that’. All the voice note, everything is still in my phone.”

AY said he told Basketmouth: “Let’s do it this way, this way.” He said Basketmouth replied: “Ya, I’ll think about it and then we’ll see how we’ll run it.”

Explaining why he made the suggestion to Basketmouth, Ay said:

“Because, the Servant was still willing to serve the Master, But guess what? Long story short, e no reach two to three weeks Master just waka pass me for event.”

AY said Basketmouth’s feelings about him have also been extended to people who he relates with and Basketmouth automatically cancels anyone who has anything to do with him.

AY said:

“So he has programmed himself to see me and by extension, it has translated to some other people.

“If they are on my platform, or his platform, you can’t come this way. If you come this way, just kiss it bye-bye except you are extraordinarily talented and he needs you then he can forgo principles and what have you and have that person come onboard.

“The cancel culture, many people were cancelled because of their affiliation with me.”

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