Did You Know? Ini Edo Visited Brothels Before Acting Shanty Town

Ini Edo/Premium Times
Ini Edo/Premium Times

When Shanty Town was released on January 20, 2023, Ini Edo received praise from fans and media personalities for perfectly playing the role of Inem, a high profile law enforcement officer that went on a cover operation as a sex worker.

However, many did not know that the thespian had to go the extra mile to give viewers the best of her acting prowess in the hit Nollywood film.

In an interview with The Nation newspaper, Ini Edo disclosed that she had to visit some brothels to get a clear picture of her role in the movie she co-produced.


Ini Edo said:

“To effectively portray my role, I visited some brothels to ask questions, interact with the commercial sex workers and get a feel of what goes down there. When you see the way that they’re being brutalised, the way that they’re being treated, you will begin to wonder like, so why are you here if you receive such treatments from this man? And you best understand that most of them don’t have a choice, most can’t leave because their lives have been threatened or their families have been threatened.”

Continuing, Ini Edo hailed the series as her favourite production at the moment.

“Shanty Town is like a dream, and it’s a dream to be a part of something like this that gets the whole world’s attention and as a filmmaker, Shanty Town remains my favourite production for now. Shanty Town is one of a kind in terms of role interpretation, interpretation and giving life to characters. I’ve had so many interesting characters over the years. It is always hard for me to pick favourites, to be honest. And this is because all of them are different, I relate very differently to each one.’’

We have seen Hollywood actors go the extra mile to give viewers the best of their craft, it is great to see that Ini Edo is at that level.

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