Checkout 5 Fun Facts About Realwarri Pikin

Realwarri Pikin, born Anita Asuoha, is a Nigerian stand-up comedian, actor, and social media host known for her unique and energetic style. Here are five fun facts about her:

Realwarri Pikin
Realwarri Pikin

Her stage name: Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha’ stage name is Realwarri Pikin.

Her shows: She hosts a comedy show titled “Real Talk With Real Warri Pikin” on Max 90.9 FM and has also hosted the biggest comedy show in Warri, titled “REAL WARRI PIKIN UNFILTERED”. Read also: Comedian Realwarri Pikin’s Story: Cosmetic Surgery Might Be A Life Saver

International performances: Real Warri Pikin has performed in various countries, including Ghana, Senegal, U.S.A., and Nigeria.

Nollywood films: She has featured in several Nollywood films, such as “Prophetess,” “Fate of Alakada,” “Aki and Pawpaw,” “The Ghost and the Tout Too,” “The Stand Up,” “Intricate,” “Lemonade,” and “Please Read My Story! No One Wakes Up One Morning To Become A Funny Woman On Instagram”. Read also: Female Comedian RealWarriPikin Talks Depression As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Philanthropy: Asides from her comedy career, Real Warri Pikin is passionate about the SDGs 4 and 5, Quality Education and Gender Equality, and has been involved in philanthropic activities.

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