Caitlyn Jenner’s controversial tweets on prison reform bothers daughter, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is said to be “disturbed” by Caitlyn Jenner’s controversial tweets on prison reform.

Kim has spent the past 10 years arguing for prisoners to be given better rehabilitation to enable them to become productive members of society if and when they are released.

But dad Caitlyn clearly doesn’t share Kim’s views, this week tweeting “Gavin’s District Attorneys across California are releasing dangerous criminals back on to our streets. Enough is enough. #RecallGavin”

This was Caitlyn’s response to a story about a baby who was killed by a man allegedly arrested and released twice this year for domestic violence.

According to TMZ, Kim isn’t happy about the tweets and has had words with Caitlyn about them.

It comes amid rumours Kim and CNN presenter Van Jones are now dating.

Fans encouraged Kim, 40, to date her close friend Van, 52, after filing for divorce from Kanye in February.

But now, fans are accusing Kim, who has been studying for the Bar exam to become a lawyer, of using Van to help further her law career.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian appears to be on track with her ambition to become a lawyer as she studies in the sun wearing a tiny nude bikini and a pair of ex Kanye’s Yeezy shoes.

The 40-year-old accessorized the miniature string two-piece with a silk scarf covering her long, dark hair.

Kim posted the three snaps to her Instagram page, sharing them with her 215 million followers.

The mom-of-four is studying for the California bar exam, which she plans to take in 2022.

She captioned the photos: “Studying in the Sun”

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