Beyonce’s Top 5 Most Iconic Hairstyles

September 5 is not just another ordinary day on the calendar, it’s Bey Day for Beyoncé fans, too.

The award-winning musician and actress celebrates her 39th birthday anniversary, and in joining her for this milestone, we take a look at some of her hottest hairstyles.

Razor cut

Who would forget Bey’s Halloween 2018 look when she re-created Toni Braxton’s album cover? On the cover of “Another Sad Love Songs,” Braxton had a razor cut that Beyoncé replicated in the best possible way ever.

Straight back

They are formally known as cornrows but here, in South Africa, we call it straight back. On the cover of Lemonade, her the sixth studio album, Beyonce wore ginger straight-back styled back by her longtime hairstylist, Kim Kimble.

Braided ponytail

At the Tidal 1015 concert, she wore a long braided ponytail, which is known as ipondo in our locally flavoured slang.

The Ivy Park braids

When the Ivy Park x Adidas collection dropped in January this year everyone went crazy over the clothes but can we talk about the braids? The way that Kimble assembled those beads is extraordinary, a big shout out to her.


There is nothing better than wearing your natural hair. Bey’s hair is naturally curly, and we love how she lets it fly, especially during performances.

The BeyHive, Beyonce’s fans and supporters continue to celebrate her birthday by sharing some of her unforgettable moments.

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