Art is a Ministry For Human Emancipation: Award winning Actress Omowumi Dada Breaks Silence In New Interview

The Lagos State born actress, Omowumi Dada is one of the top movie stars in Nollywood. She is an epitome of beauty.


She boasts of a charming appearance and know how to interpret her movie role to the core. For lovers of M-Net Television Series, you will discover that Omowumi Dada is an household name.


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While granting an interview, She revealed her love for arts as a ministry for human emancipation.

See the details of the interview below;

Can you shed light on how you and other actresses project our image to the international audience.


It is okay, one day at a time; every step is important, in renewing the image of the Nigerian people and we have our art to do this thing. I feel like arts and culture or film or music is a ministry, for human emancipation, for telling stories and for changing the narratives. So yes, we are doing it, one day at a time and we’ll get better. But I just feel like most importantly, it should start with you and I; being intentional about the things that we do daily. Also, I get really excited when we portray our culture and our tradition to the world and we let the world see the beauty of our stories, heritage, history, people, clothes, poetry, music, dance and our world. I look forward to seeing more movies in that light and be a part of it.

Can you explain how you develop passion for art?


I’ve always been passionate about the arts, I say that its not just talent for me, it’s a ministry, I’m very intentional about the scripts that I take on, I’m very intentional about the type of stories that I am, that I’m part of telling. Yes, I turn down some scripts; I turn down a lot of scripts. I’m not even going to lie but the truth is, when you don’t know where you’re going to, every way will look like a way. But when you know where you’re going to, from the beginning of your career, you channel the path and you’re very intentional about it. Sometimes it looks like, what are you doing, but when you have the bigger picture in mind, you’ll definitely get there. But then again, nothing good comes easy.

What would make you turn down a script?


If I don’t believe in the story, the script itself, if I don’t like it, if I cannot follow what it is preaching, I will turn it down. And this is not a shade to any producer or director, but then I know that day-by-day we are getting better with our stories.

Is financial factor a prerequisite for choosing scripts?


(Laughs) Well, the truth is that its about your talent, career, passion, its also a profession, so you also have to make money so yes. If the money is not good, but I believe in the story, I will take it because sometimes, money is not everything. Leaving your name in good sands of time is more important.

Can you mention other dream role you looking forward to play?

I look forward to an action role in Nollywood.

Tell us how you would like to define your style?

I would say comfortable, classy and edgy

Tell us your favourite fashion piece?

My earrings

Tell us your hobbies?

I like to listen to music, I like to sleep


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