Adrian Appiolaza Appointed the New Creative Director of Moschino

Adrian Appiolaza, the newly appointed Creative Director of Moschino, brings with him a wealth of experience and creativity to the renowned fashion house. With a background in design and an eye for innovation, Appiolaza is poised to invigorate the brand with his fresh perspective and cutting-edge vision. The new creative director of Moschino has officially been in the role since January 11, and will present his first show on Thursday, February 22.

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If the period between Appiolaza’s appointment and debut feels rushed, it’s for the most tragic of reasons. After Jeremy Scott’s departure in March, Moschino hired Gucci veteran Davide Renne as creative director. Renne died unexpectedly after only 10 days on the job.  Both out of respect and in order to do its utmost to identify the best possible successor to Renne, Moschino’s management took as long as it could (still only a few weeks) to identify and announce that successor while remaining conscious of the imperative to restart Moschino’s creative direction this autumn season.

Those tight deadlines are why, when we meet eight days before his debut, Appiolaza himself has yet to see the collection with his own eyes. “I want to do something with respect to the situation,” he says, “so I’ve worked with the design team to create the garments. We organized everything to be made with fabrics that were already in-house and ready to go. Then, on Saturday, they will arrive, and we start a few days of play; dressing the girls and creating these characters that I have in my mind. But everything has yet to be worked out and tested.”

As he takes on this new role at Moschino, it is expected that he will continue to push boundaries and challenge conventions in order to elevate the brand to new heights. With his unique blend of artistic flair and business acumen, Appiolaza is sure to leave a lasting impact on Moschino’s aesthetic direction and overall success in the competitive world of high fashion.

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