‘Adopt a kid, it is always an option’ Daniel Regha urges Don Jazzy to prioritize fatherhood

'Adopt a kid, it is always an option' Daniell Regha urges Don Jazzy to prioritize fatherhood

Controversial X critic, Daniel Regha has given some advice to the music executive and Mavins Record label boss, Michael Collins, better known as Don Jazzy.

Regha recommended that Don Jazzy should think about having a child to continue his legacy after he’s gone. He mentioned that marriage might not be everyone’s preference, but having children to carry on one’s legacy is crucial.

The social media adviser also suggested that becoming a father should be one of Don Jazzy’s main priorities at the moment and he could even contemplate adoption.

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“Don Jazzy not being married isn’t an issue, not everyone fancy marriage; But he should adopt a kid, at least someone who can preserve & carry on his legacy long after he’s gone. Being a dad ought to be among his top priorities right now, adopting is always an option. No offense”.

Don Jazzy in past interviews discussed his romantic life and revealed the reason behind his single status.

He admitted that he isn’t the type to stay faithful to one woman. He mentioned that while this might change in the future when he finds the right person, for now, he doesn’t want to be committed to a single woman.

Glamsquad recalls that Don Jazzy was previously married to American model and author,  Michelle Jackson when he was 21, but the marriage ended after two years. According to Don Jazzy, the marriage failed because he focused more on his music career and neglected his family.

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