Actress Christina Ricci finalizes divorce with ex-husband, James Heerdegen

Christina Ricci and her ex are in agreement about their divorce, at least, and it appears that she will keep their L.A. home and her movie money.

According to legal documents, Christina will receive the house in the San Fernando Valley, while she and her ex-husband, film producer James Heerdegen, will split the proceeds from the sale of their New York City apartment.

Samantha Spector, an attorney who represents Christina, will ensure that she keeps all residuals and royalties.

James receives a Subaru, his personal effects, and a one-time payment of $189,687 from Christina. He also receives a Subaru.

The documents state that there is no spousal support or child support, but Christina has agreed to pay their son Freddie, 8, private school tuition in full as well as any uninsured medical costs.

While they will share legal custody, she will have the final say in matters like important medical and educational choices.

Although Christina has primary custody, James and Christina share joint physical custody.

Christina filed for divorce in 2020, citing irreconcilable differences.

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