Takeoff’s alleged murderer, Patrick Xavier Clark seeks bail reduction

Patrick Xavier Clark, the man accused of killing Takeoff, is pleading with the court to lower his bail so he can afford to be released from prison.

According to court documents, Clark filed a motion in Texas on Monday to have his $2 million bail reduced because his lawyer, Carl Moore, claims his client cannot afford it.

The alleged shooter wants his bond reduced to $100K, which he believes he can raise with the aid of an experienced bondsman. If allowed, Clark claims he will continue to live with his parents, where he has lived all of his life.

Additionally, according to his legal team, he will follow any curfew orders the judge may issue and wear a GPS monitor. In addition, Clark is prepared to give up his passport and declares that he is willing to abide by any directive to avoid certain individuals.

Recall that in November, Takeoff was shot and killed outside a Houston bowling alley. Clark was arrested and charged with the rapper Migos’ murder.

In order to hire a private investigator, Clark has already requested $5K from the court, claiming that he lacks the funds to do so on his own. He claimed that in order to properly prepare his defense, he had to hire a P.I.

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