Drama as Jaiye Kuti slams Nollywood veterans for begging money online (video)

It is common for Nollywood veterans to solicit for help on social media, especially the ones that glazed our screens in the 90’s and 2000’s.

Jaiye Kuti
Jaiye Kuti

These veterans make up our childhood memories. In lieu of this, Jaiye Kuti, a movie veteran and a wealthy one as that, has berated actors and actresses who solicit for financial support on social media.

Jaiye Kuti in a video on her Instagram page, slammed movie veterans who come online to beg for financial support over their deteriorating health condition.

According to the actress their cries for help on social media is denting the image of the Yoruba movie industry.

She added that most of these movie veterans who seek for help online spent their earnings in the industry on shortlived pleasures without proper planning for the future.

Watch video below,


This has generated mixed reactions online. Read some comments below,

A fan identified as glint beauty wrote,

“She actually made a lot of sense! Everyone you are looking up to also has responsibilities, and Everyman should be for himself.”

@Sirfetty wrote,

“But most of them are not too healthy do you want them to die in silence… People helping them are not complaining.”

Another fan identified as Elle banky wrote,

“Some of those old actors lived a reckless life, they were not good to their families even their fans. Some of them turned themselves to mini gods when they were in their prime while some were actually victims of circumstances. Well , i hope they all find favour as they make their requests”.

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