“What P-Square, 2Face, D’banj sacrificed for us is what we’re enjoying now” – Davido



Award-winning singer, Davido has acknowledged that the current prominence enjoyed by Nigerian artists has been paved by the sacrifices of their predecessors.

Davido stated this during a recent interview, where he delved into his experience with Sony Music, recounting how they signed him in 2016, marking his first international deal.

He disclosed that during that period, he still had to reintroduce himself to the managers.

The singer mentioned that as part of the deal with Sony, he had to create an album with their group. However, since they were the ones who signed him, they selected the producers and other team members for the project. He admitted that the album didn’t meet his expectations and described it as a flop.

Consequently, he returned to Nigeria to work with his own producers, as the others couldn’t grasp the intricacies of African music styles.

Davido emphasized that the current relevance enjoyed by Nigerian artists is a result of the hard work of previous generations, citing artists such as P-Square, 2Face, and Dbanj. He expressed optimism that the efforts of the present generation would pave the way for even greater success for upcoming artists.

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