Stop Going To The Hotel Rooms Of Producers—Chidiebere Aneke Tells Fellow Actresses

Chidiebere Aneke/LinkedIn
Chidiebere Aneke/LinkedIn
  • Chidiebere Aneke said actresses are also responsible for sex-related scandals in the film industry because they visit the hotel rooms of directors and producers without invitation.

Nigerian actress Chidiebere Aneke has offered a few words of advice to actresses in Nollywood who have come out publicly to say some producers made sexual advances at them for roles.

Upcoming and already established actors have come out to claim that they were offered some roles on the condition that they slept with producers and directors.

Addressing the issue in an interview with Punch, Chidiebere, who has been in the industry for a long time, opined that the actresses are responsible for their situation because they visit the hotel rooms of producers uninvited.


She also said some actors do it deliberately in a bid to attain success through a shortcut.

She would go on to state that she has never been a victim of sex for roles, and cautioned other thespians against auditioning for roles through the back door.

Chidiebere said:

“My experience over the years has been great and wonderful. It has not been easy and I am still learning. But, I thank God for everything. There are some people that come online to say that producers asked them for sex before they could be given roles in their movies. However, no one has personally come to report such an incident to me. What I will advise as the way forward is that people who say producers ask them for sex should stop going to the producers’ rooms, when they don’t have anything to do there. Whenever there are calls for auditions, these actresses should not go in through the back door.”

Chidiebere and her twin sister are both actors in the Nigerian film industry.

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