Sonia Ighalo slams Adanma Luke, reveals she was her ex-husband’s side chic

Sonia Ighalo slams Adanma Luke, reveals she was her ex-husband's side chic

Sonia Ighalo, the ex-wife of footballer, Jude Okoye has laid strong allegations on Adanma Luke, the producer of the movie which claimed the life of actor, Pope Obumneme Odonwodo better known as Junior Pope and others.

In a now-deleted post on her Instagram page, Sonia claimed that the producer whom she tagged a quack was one of her ex-husband’s side chicks when he was in China.

Although Sonia didn’t mention names, many deciphered she was referring to Adanma Luke as she noted how she runs a boutique.

Speaking on Junior Pope’s death, Sonia expressed sadness as she recalled how during her media outcry in 2023, she saved all his hurtful remarks about her from Linda Ikeji’s blog and Instablog. She questioned whether he knew she was the biological mother of Jude’s children.

Regrettably, he has passed away, and she prays for his soul to rest in peace.

She wrote;

“The news of this young man’s death is devastating. Funny enough, during my so-called media outburst with my ex-husband last year, I saved all of his horrible words about me from Linda Ikeji’s blogs and Instablog (for future reference). I was like does he know I’m the mother of Ighalo’s biological kids?

Like, carry matter wey no concern you for head. Regrettably, he is no longer alive. Hmmmm. This thing called life? Though I am aware that some so-called Edo celebs push ED the agenda. May God have mercy on you. This so-called quack Asaba producer was one of my ex-husband’s side chic while he was in China. She runs a boutique. In this life, simply be good, kind, and do good”.

Sonia Ighalo slams Adanma Luke, reveals she was her ex-husband's side chic

Adanma Luke came under fire on several social media platforms following the death of Junior Pope.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria issued a public statement, announcing a ban on actors and actresses from participating in Adanma Luke’s movies until further notice. Additionally, they suspended the mentioned movie indefinitely.

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