Social Style: What Social Media Stars Are Wearing Now


If you want to know what’s hot and new in the world of high fashion, you don’t have to look any further than social media influencers on your news feeds. Not only are they wearing the current trends, but they often dictate what will be trendy next. Their popularity has signaled a change in the fashion world. While the focus used to be on what was happening IRL at fashion shows or in the September issue of Vogue, social media has taken over the way that we look at and interact with fashion. When you’re looking to get the newest fashion scoop, look no further than your social media feeds.

They Love Leather

One trend that can easily be seen on your news feed is leather. Leather has always looked cool, but influencers are taking the way that they wear it to a new level. While a traditional Dolce and Gabbana or Prada leather jacket is always in style, influencers are increasingly finding new ways to incorporate leather into their wardrobe.

Dolce and Gabana leather

One way that many influencers are switching up the way that they wear leather is by trying new types of leather bottoms. No longer are they sticking to a traditional pant, leather bottoms come in a range of styles and cuts, from skin-tight leggings to well-tailored wide-leg trouser. Beyond that, influencers are having fun with colors, as well. From standard black leather to rainbow-bright hues, leather clothes of all colors are in.

They Get Funky With Multi-Color Knit Wear

Leather isn’t the only material that influencers are getting colorful with, many of them are having fun with multi-color knitwear, too. From bold prints to ombre sweaters, influencers are expressing themselves in many different ways. Olivia Rodrigo, for example, is doing it with a sweater vest.

Additionally, these knits can take many different shapes, too. Some sport oversized, loose, cropped sweaters, while other influencers are styling themselves in fitted cardigans with polo collars. So, whether you are interested in a look that is more grungy or preppy, there is a fun way to achieve the style you want with a colorful sweater.

They Let Their Handbags Shine

It isn’t just apparel that influencers are having fun with, it’s their accessories, too. Adventurous handbags are another way that influencers are dictating trends, and creating outfits that truly stand out. Crinkly metallics are cool, as are glittery purses. Wild animal prints are also making an appearance. Not only that, but baguette-shaped bags are back in a big way, too. By blending a popular 2000’s shape of handbag with new prints and colors, influencers are breathing fresh life into a nostalgic accessory.

They’re Bold With Their Boots

Influencers aren’t forgetting about footwear when it comes to trends. Increasingly, big, bold, boots are making an appearance on influential feet. Flat-soled chunky boots are big, and so are thick, block heels as well. Some wear these thicker silhouettes simply, while others go for more bedazzled or charmed styles. Some are even finding ways to personalize their footwear. Either way, influencers are using their shoes to make bold statements.

A Parting Word

Knowing what’s going on in the world of high fashion has always been exciting. However, in the past it may have felt less accessible. While that is part of what gives fashion its mystique, the reality is that social media influencers are taking high fashion and putting it in front of the public in a new way. While this change might seem like it’s shifting the fashion world in an intimidating way, the upside is that it helps bring the beauty of high fashion to a wider audience.

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