Singer, KCee reveals details about his rift with Harrysong (video)

Nigerian singer, Kingsley Okonkwo better known as KCee has shed light on his rift with his college and former signee, Harrysong.

In an interview with Afrobeats Podcast, KCee shared that he’s in a legal fight with Harrysong. He claims Harrysong forged his and his affluent brother E-Money’s signatures to take money from clients.

Highlighting Harrysong’s ongoing conflicts, KCee pointed out that Harrysong seems to be feuding with everyone, including his wife, music executive Soso Soberekon, and Skibii. KCee expressed concern, suggesting that Harrysong might be going through a challenging time and could be dealing with personal issues.

KCee also emphasized that Harrysong consistently discredits his work by asserting he wrote all of KCee’s songs. KCee reminded him that before Harrysong joined him, he was already an established singer, and even now, KCee continues to thrive in the industry while noting a perceived decline in Harrysong’s prominence.

He said,

“This is about 8 years we went our separate ways. You write the best songs, you said you were writing all my songs, but he was in the village with his grandmother when I won Star Quest. I went to a talent hunt, I won the contest. Na you write the songs, I did 3 albums with Kennis Music, who wrote the songs? I did a lot on myself and you coming to discredit me because you have the privilege to work around me or stay under my umbrella, I felt like it wasn’t necessary for me to explain. Time will tell.

8 years after I am still popping. Your biggest song is Reggae Blues, recorded by me and Olamide. I took the song to Olamide, he doesn’t have access to him. We all put energy, I even added Iyanya to the song. That’s his biggest record. You are the best writer in the world, your ink finish, write another one.

I think that man is sick, he needs prayers. He is fighting with his wife today, he is fighting with Soso Soberekon tomorrow, then Skibii the next day, that tells you something.

He has a 5years contract running with 5 Stars music, still on as we speak. He has a criminal case running now, forging my signature, and my brother’s signature and collecting money from clients. That’s a criminal case I have still pending. But I never talked about all this and don’t talk about all this. Because I know him and I loved him so much as a brother, but there is a problem. This isn’t trying to disrespect anybody”.

See the video below

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