Scarfs are not too big pieces of fabrics that have Been around for a very long time and within this time, they have come to mean different things to man, from religion to sports – weather to fashion, regardless of the occasion; be it in defiance of natural elements or as a status symbol, scarves continue to serve as some form of fashion statement.

They come in various shapes, texture, sizes and in a bid to look stylish no matter the occasion, it is really important that you know what to do with them.


Whether you’re wearing a shirt, a dress, a sweater and jeans or a plain white shirt, adding a scarf is an easy way to attain a simple look.

Scarfs tend to add a touch of simple elegance to one’s outfit.

There are so many different ways to style a scarf and these pieces of fashion items can be made from variety of materials from wool to cotton and the likes, in plaid, checked, floral, striped or plain patterns.

A scarf is a modern fashion element, seen these days in use to jazz up ‘urban street style’ in the mix of droopy jeans, hoodies, beanie hats and high ankle boots. Even for the classic men in suits and crisp collar shirts, scarfs can add the extra touch of sophistication.

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