Reason Why Every Guy Wants A Friend With “Benefit”

OK you might be wondering why every guy want or has a friend with benefit well, the reason is just simple, keep reading to know.

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According to research the term “friend with benefit” means someone you are emotionally not attached to but both party benefit from the friendship either financially or otherwise, while according to Oxford language dictionary its a friend with whom to you often have casual sexual relationship with.

However, in this present world and age the benefit are mostly sexual.

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Asking a couple of student(all male)  from a tertiary institution in Nigeria (name of institution withheld) their take in having a friend with benefit and they all said the same thing;

Celeb: “I think having a friend with benefit is actually cool, personally I have two, you don’t have to worry about girlfriend drama or unnecessary jealousy”

David: ” hah, its actually exciting oo…everybody will just knack and go”

Simon : ” friends with benefit.. Hmm..well , I have one actually she understands me more than my girlfriend I think she is more like my peaceful place”.

All had the same thing to say which brings me back to wondering if the girlfriend’s are the problem? Well a little advice to all the girlfriend’s try not to stress your boyfriend’s out so they won’t turn to their friends for comfort, be an understanding girlfriend.

Just a friendly advice.