Rapper, Erigga criticizes women for undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift surgery

Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) or body enhancement as it is popularly referred to in Nigeria has become a thriving achievement among women.

While some women claim they go for Brazilian Butt Lifts to help them gain confidence and have bigger backsides.

Nigerina rapper, Erigga however disagrees with women’s reason for having BBL.

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According to the blunt rapper, women get BBL done because of men to get their attention. Backing up his claim, Erriga noted that women don’t see their backside until they use a mirror so they get BBL done because of others.

“Your ass is literally BEHIND you. You don’t even see it unless you turn around and look in a mirror so YES getting a BBL is 10000% for the gaze of others, most likely men… stop the bullshit!”

Do you agree with Erigga’s viewpoint?

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