Power: 50 Cent returns original theme song after fans outrage

Curtis James Jackson better known as 50 Cent succumbed to having the original theme song of his series Power returned after viewers rejected the new one introduced for the sixth and final season.

The theme song titled ‘Rich Big Town’ originally featured R&B singer Joe and had two rap verses from 50 Cent as the intro to every episode of the first five seasons.

Trying to switch and spice things up a little bit, another singer Trey Songz was introduced and 50 Cent’s rap verse reduced to just one, while some catchy rap lines used in the first version were dropped.

This didn’t go down well with viewers who thought Trey Songz was not ‘street’ enough to understand what it takes to do an intro for such a ‘dark’ series.

Many viewers resorted to rib-cracking memes to drive home their point and at a point, 50 Cent threatened to put out the next episode of the show without a theme song and have viewers thinking their TV was on mute,50 Cent went as far as defending Trey Songz saying the singer was against the idea of tampering with the original theme song as he believed nothing was wrong with it.

But it seems the rapper has finally given in to popular demand as he posted on the Instagram page that the next episode of the show will begin with the original theme song that featured Joe.


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