Popular beauty influencer, Veronika threatened with a six-year jail sentence for using Instagram

In Russia, a popular beauty influencer has been threatened with a six-year prison sentence for using Instagram, glamsquad reports 


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Veronika Loginova, a beauty and fashion Instagrammer, has been accused of “extremist activity.”


Two state prosecutors called her home, according to the influencer, claiming she “stands out too much.”

The influencer wrote to her followers in a post: “Anyone in Russia can now become a victim of this.


“Prosecutors can visit your home at any time. I’ve never been involved in politics, and now I’m facing six years in prison for running an Instagram account.”



Veronika was accused of “extremism” for “doing things to attract users to social networks like Facebook and Instagram.”

She stated: “I’ll get to the bottom of it and discuss it here. Fortunately, I have the support of people who recognize that this is not normal.


“This is completely messed up, and I want as many people as possible to know about it. And even though we don’t talk about such things, I will.”


In March, a Moscow court banned Instagram and Facebook as part of a crackdown on Western social media behemoths.


In response to the company’s relaxation of hate-speech against Russian soldiers, Meta, the parent company that owns Facebook and Instagram, was labeled as “extremist.”


After the ban left influencers in tears, Russia has created its own version of the app called Rossgram.

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